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Main Features

The STILO range of pushbutton stations for auxiliary circuits has beers designed and produced in compliance with the safety criteria specified in the European Rules Machinery Directive EEC 89/392.
The products am the result of years of experience and are specifically designed far heavy-duty as well as normal requirements.
Types PKE and BEI are most suitable for building cranes while types PKP and BPM are far bridge cranes.
They are viable in versions containing from 4 to 14 buttons, size and inside space tested to allow fag cabling, thus reducing time and costs.

Safety functioning
The emergency stop push-button has been produced in compliance Mill Standard EN 418 and the NC safety contact elements feature guaranteed opening (CEI EN 60947-5-1)
A single internal membrane separates the upper part from the bottom which contains the electrical contacts thus protecting from infiltration of water.
All materials used are resistant to atmospheric agents, temperature changes ad shocks,
Actuators are marked  with international symbols
Self leaning sliding contact elements in silver nickel alloy:

Single-row type LAP
insulation voltage
Test voltage
maximum exercise voltage
Grey lower casing
Yellow cover casing
Operating Temperature range
Protection degree
In Compliance with rules
Double insulation protection against
contact voltages
2500 V
400 V
RAL  8301
RAL 8260
-25°C+ 70°C
EN 60497 - 5 – 1
IP 65 (EN 60529)
EN 60497 - 5 - 1 EN 60947-5-I EN  60529
EN 60204-I EN 60439-I EN 418
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Pendant Pushbutton Stations - Double Row PKP