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Great care should be taken when installing the cables and hoses into the cable chains. To avoid any damage to the cables and hoses and to ensure correct operation of the cable chains application please follow the guidelines set out in.
the examples below. For any questions or for more application specific information please contact your local
Cavotec office.
For electric cables a clearance of at least 10 % between the placement of the cable and its diameter has to be guaranteed;
For hydraulic hoses the clearance should be at least 20 %
When placing cables and hoses into the cable chain, take rare to place them into the appropriate separated spaces. if this is not possible ensure that the cables do not rub together (H < D).
Gantry crane at shipyard -travel 185 m with igus Rol E-Chain' Series 5050R E4/4
- More information on crane applications: igus-cranes.com
Compost unit, water hoses and electrical cables,
complete system from igus
Storage and retrieval robot - the travel is 90 m, the speed is more than 4 m/s - igus chains plus Chainflex'cables and guide troughs
Trough, supports and assembly kits can be delivered by igus - stainless steel also available
Cross-travel of 441.3 m, implemented with igus' Rol E-Chain' Series 5050R E4/4 1
The Rol-E-chain Energy chains  require 75 % less drive power. -
Energy chain dragchain.pdf
Energy Chain /Drag Chain