Drum Brakes

Thruster Disc Brakes

SB 8 Series


Main Features - Steel Mill Execution

  • Very Compact Dimensions.
  • Thrusters for high ambient temperatures in steel mills.
  • Wear resistant linings
  • Adjustable, enclosed brake spring with torque scale.
  • Stainless steel pins and spindles.

  • Maintenance-free bushings in all hinge points.

  • Right- or Left-hand design.



  • Heavy-duty designed automatic wear compensator (dust-proof)

  • Heat-resistant wiring of limit switches

  • Limit switch release control (special execution)

  • Limit switch wear control (special execution)

  • Limit switch manual release (special execution)

  • Manual release lever with or without stop

  • Monitoring systems ( e.g. VSR)

  • Brake discs with hubs or couplings


Dimensions and Technical Data Info Sheets for Model SB 8.1 and SB 8.2 are available for download below.