Pendant Pushbutton Fig 1


Main Features

The STILO range of pushbutton stations for auxiliary circuits has been designed and produced in compliance with the safety criteria specified in the European Rules Machinery Directive EEC 89/392.

The products are the result of years of experience and are specifically designed for heavy-duty as well as normal requirements.

Types PKE and BEI are most suitable for building cranes while types PKP and BPM are far bridge cranes.

They are viable in versions containing from 4 to 14 buttons, size , and inside space tested to allow fag cabling, thus reducing time and costs.


Safety functioning

The emergency stop push-button has been produced in compliance with Standard EN 418 and the NC safety contact elements feature guaranteed opening (CELEN 60947-5-1).

A single internal membrane separates the upper part from the bottom, which contains the electrical contacts, thus protecting it from infiltration of water.

All materials used are resistant to atmospheric agents, temperature changes, and shocks.

Actuators are marked with international symbols

Self cleaning sliding contact elements in silver nickel alloy.

LADY Series - LA type single-row


Main Features

The new LADY series single-rare push-button stations for auxiliary circuits are the result of a blend of Ravioli's long experience in the field, detailed studies in ergonomics, and the use of innovative, modern design and materials, in compliance with the best technology available today.

In designing the product particular attention was paid both to easy handling features and to the technical aspects, to ensure usage in heavy-duty circumstances

All the materials, which come into direct contact with the environment are resistant to atmospheric agents, oils, and temperature changes and are shockproof. The rubber gaskets ensure optimal protection against dust and liquids.

The optimized internal space allows you to make all connections easily and quickly. Bridge connections have been projected in order to reduce cabling time and are available upon request.

LADY push-button station is offered in 6 different sizes, ranging from 2 to 12 buttons devices and various controls and switches can be mounted on each type.

LAP versions for bridge cranes and hoists and LAE for building cranes are available. The emergency stop push-button has been designed in according to EN 418 regulations. The NC contacts feature guaranteed opening (EN 60947-5-1) and can be supplied also in the 2NC increased safety version.

All buttons are marked with international symbols.

The switches have self-cleaning sliding contacts in silver alloy.