Load Cell Limiter Fig 1

Load Cell Load Limiter - ELLD (Electronic Load Limit Device)


Mechanical Load limiters although reliable have limitations when it comes to overloading and on-site calibration is difficult. These limiters do not allow for a time delay should there be an overload or shock load.


The new electronic load limiter we are introducing have numerous benefits.


The  ELLD works in conjunction with a Rope Clamp Load Cell and offers a fully electronic alternative to mechanical load limiters.


  • (1% +/- 0.1%) accuracy
  • Simple setting of the maximum load
  • Ability to adjust the overload percentage between 0% to 20%, (Default Value 5%)
  • Ability to select a time delay for an overload of between 0 to 5 seconds
  • Straightforward Calibration
  • Warning Beep and warning light option
  • No need to ever take the load cell off for re-calibration as the annual inspection and adjustment can be done on-site by any service provider that does load testing
  • Password activated



  • Connect the Rope clamp Load cell to the dead end of the rope
  • Connect the load cell wires (4) to the control unit input
  • Connect output wires to the “up” contactor of the control box for overload
  • Zero the limiter
  • Choose your parameters for overload % and the time delay and siren on or off
  • Lift the weight, tell the Saga ELLD what it is reading only then set your overload setting