Rope Hoist

Low Headroom Type



These hoists apply to factories that have a lower ceiling hight, which requires the maximum hook path.

The compact design of low-headroom trolley hoists enables the maximum height of lift and full utilization of the available space.


Mono-Rail Type


Suitable when there is limited space for the trolley or curved moving condition.

A combination of fixed mounted-type and mono-rail elements operate on the bottom of the single girder.

The wheel is made of mono-block medium carbon steel and the surface is processed with hardening heat treatment.

Wheel protection cover may be installed on demand to extend the life of gears; anti-drop steel plate and buffer rubber pads are installed for the purpose to achieve safety and reliability.

Wheels can be adjusted to beam width, therefore it is easy to adjust and implement.

Two parallel drive wheels make traveling more stable and smooth.

It can be applied to a curved beam with a bending radius of 1.5 to 3 meters, therefore if curved working space existed it can also be used.