Flexible Coupling Type-B

Flexible Coupling Type-B




Main Features

  • Multi-component GG / GGG coupling, torsion ally elastic, and puncture-proof.
  • Transmission of torque via the elastic intermediate ring.
  • Replacement of the elastic intermediate ring without disturbing any equipment (B-GBT only).
  • Arrangement of the brake drum on the load side to allow the brake torque to be maintained when the motor is disengaged.
  • Extensive selection of coupling sizes and brake drum diameters to satisfy most braking and drive - requirements.



  • Coupling hubs ready bored and keywayed (preferably ace. to DIN 6885).
  • Coupling hubs tapered bored Coupling hubs with double keyway Coupling hubs pilot bored.
  • Coupling balanced according to ISO 7940-Grade: G 6.3.
  • Special material for elastic intermediate ring according to application.
  • Coupling without brake drum.


Dimensions and Technical Data Info Sheets for FC Type-B E-BT and B G-BT are available for download below.