Self-Supporting Capacity 


Cable chains are used more frequently on long travel distances as a valid alternative to the traditional systems of conductor bars or festoon systems, and offer the following advantages:


  • The possibility of combined transportation of hydraulic cables and tubes.
  • The ability to operate in critical environments (humidity, textile dust, negative chemical components, etc.)
  • High velocities and acceleration.
  • Shorter insallation times.
  • Drastic reduction in maintenance time.



A special aspect of the cable chains in the Power Chain series is the integrated sliding skid which permits the chains to slide on themselves. The resulting friction is reduced due to the special polymers used. The dimensions of the skid allow the chain to keep itself stable even in applications with high velocities.


On request, it is possible to produce cable chains with special polyamides before operating in particularly aggressive environments. The triple pins guarantee more reliability and strength in applications with additional weight. The chains in the Power Chain Series have been extensively tested through torsion, wear and tear tests and have passed the tensile yield stress with extremely good results