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Only four parts to the Samiflex Coupling


The two identical hubs ( items A & B)  are manufactured in cast iron, cast steel, or aluminium and incorporate four, six, or eight teeth, depending on the size rating of the coupling.

A precision cast and machined polyurethane insert ( item C ) fits between the hubs and is split axially so fitting and removal can be achieved without removing the hubs.

The holding ring, manufactured in steel, polyamide, or bronze ( item D) is fitted over the insert securing both insert and ring between hubs. The coupling requires no bolts and nuts.


Assembly and disassembly


Once hubs (A) and (B) holding ring (D) have been installed and aligned on the shafts the coupling hubs will not have to be moved again during the life of the equipment. The elastic insert (C) can then be installed between the parallel slots formed by the hub teeth.


With the insert position, slide the retaining ring (D) into position over the polyurethane insert. Centrifugal force will expand the insert under operation ensuring a tight, secure fit inside the retaining ring.

Removing and replacing the coupling insert is very simple and requires no special tools. Removing the retaining ring allows the insert to be quickly and easily removed and replaced without needing to undo the screws, bolts, or fasteners.


Features and Benefits


  • The coupling insert is removable without the need to remove either driving or driven equipment.

  • Change out of coupling insert is faster than other couplings

  • No lubrication or maintenance is required over the life of the insert

  • The polyutherane insert can be supplied in a variety of hardness to optimise torque capacity and damping.

  • Polyutherane is very resistant to chemical attacks.

  • The standard insert can handle large temperature range iron from -40 o c to 80 o c

  • Hubs can be rotated independently during the motor test

  • No metal–to–metal contact

  • Large bore to torque capacity

  • Vertical operation is possible with standard coupling.

  • Retaining rings are provided with locking screws as standard.