Cable Reeling Drums

Spring and Motor Driven Cable Reeling Drums


QUESCO.CC is a leading supplier of cable reeling drums, specializing in providing high-quality parts for various applications. The concept of our reels is to offer a modular system that maintains the same level of quality and reliability as a standard spring-driven cable reel.


With our innovative design, replacing just one part of the reel is incredibly easy, allowing for cost-efficient maintenance. Whether it is for a horizontal mobile application, vertical application, manual, or stationary application, our cable reeling drums are suitable for a wide range of industries. Choose QUESCO.CC for top-notch cable reeling drums that combine durability, versatility, and ease of use.

Spring Driven Cable Reeling Drum Fig1
Cable Reeling Drum Parts

The concept of the reels is to provide a modular system that retains all the quality and reliability of a standard spring driven cable reel . In this case the modular design allows for easy storage and thanks to the innovati­ve design of the reels, replacing just one part is extremely easy.


The photographs on the left show the different packages that can be ordered. Please refer to the cable reeling drum specifications info sheet below to ascertain the correct codes for your specific requirements.