Alpha 4000 Fig 1

Alpha 4000 Series

Quesco, an industry-leading business, primarily focuses on industrial sales with a specialization in machinery control. Pioneering in its field, Quesco incorporates the latest technology, notably the Alpha 4000, an advanced industrial remote control, into its repertoire. The exceptional flexibility of the Alpha 4000 allows its use in a myriad of industrial applications including various cranes, tower cranes, and production machinery. Furthermore, this remote control is progressively being utilized in all forms of auto machinery and automatic control machinery, to ensure optimal functional efficiency. At Quesco, we are proud to implement this state-of-art tool, enhancing the proficiency and safety across all industrial sectors.

Professional and wise design


Visualized Software

It allows you to set every function of your remote control via software. Base on the system type selected, you may create all kinds of combinations with the software to fit different working environments.

The 5 LED's show the status Transmitter is designed with 

The LED on the middle top Shock absorbing, the transmitter, shows the shock-absorbing rubbers

current status of the radio on the four corners of the remote control whereas the transmitter strengthens the rest of the 4 LEDs to show the shock absorbing ability current status of the pushbutton setting.


Alternative in Startup

The transmitter is equipped with either an On/Off key switch or infrared startup.

Electromagnetic induction charge.

Undisclosed metal and open type of battery charger provides immediately

charging simply by placing the transmitter on the charging holes


Chip Card - function set via chip card


Breakdown update

if any remote control is out of order, you simply need to take out the chip card from the chip card holder and insert it into the chip card slot of the same system

type to proceed with the operation,  


Same system type copy

Chip card data backup can be done by file saving/reading via a chip card programmer. If the same function and setting are needed in the future, you only need tore-call the original file and correct/save data in the chip card.


Setting/Modification for any function

Remove the chip card and modify the desired function via software.


Changeable PCB

The Alpha 4000 receiver is designed with a changeable PCB.

It allows the expansion or modification of function settings simply by changing relay cards


Frequency adjustment and drift correction on PILL RF module

PLL ( Phase Lock Loop ) synthesized RF module with user-selectable RF Channels ( narrow band FM ) for the transmitter code transmission.

transmitter and receiver channels are changeable. frequency is also adjustable and can be corrected for any frequency drift automatically and manually.

12 Models


Alpha 4008-1

8 single speed pushbuttons


Alpha 4008-1 S

7 single speed pushbuttons + 1 selector switch


Alpha 4008-2

8 double speed pushbuttons


Alpha 4008-3

6 double speed pushbuttons + 2 single speed pushbuttons


Alpha 4008-3S

6 double speed pushbuttons + 1 single speed pushbutton + 1 selector switch


Alpha 4012-1

12 single speed pushbuttons


Alpha 4012-1 S

11 single speed pushbuttons + 1 selector switch


Alpha 4012-2

6 double speed pushbuttons + 6 single speed buttons


Alpha 4012-2S

8 double speed pushbuttons + 5 single speed pushbuttons + 1 selector switch


Alpha 4012-3

6 double speed pushbuttons + 4 single speed pushbuttons


Alpha 4012-3S

8 double speed pushbuttons +3 single steed pushbuttons + 1 selector switch


Alpha 4012-4

10 double speed pushbuttons +2 single speed pushbuttons




Frequency Range

PLL 301, 433, 480 MHz


Frequency Range

PLL301, 433, 480 MHz

Transmitting Range

80 Meters (open areas)


Channel Spacing


Continious Operating time

8 Hours


Hammirg Distance

D >=6  CRC8

Security ID Code

65,536 sets (16 + 1 bit)


Frequency Control

RX module card or synt hesizer(PLL)

Channel Spacing



Frequency Drift

< 5ppm @ -10 0C ~ 70 0C

Hamminc Distance

D> =4 + CRC8


Frequency Deviation

< 1 ppm @250C

Frequency Control

Quartz Crystals (PLL)




Frequency Drift

< 5ppm @ -10°C ~ 70°C


Antenra Impedance

50 ohms

Frequency Deviation

< 1 ppm @ 25 °C


Data Decoder Reference

Quorlz Crystals

Spurious Emission

> 50dBc


Responding Time

50mS ~ 150mS

Transmiting Power



Enclosure Rating



F 1 D


Source Voltage


(standard equipped)

Antenna Impedance



Power Consumption

MAX 32W@240VAC 50Hz

Enclosure Raring



operating temerature

-100C ~ +750c

Source Voltage

4.2VDC lithium / 1800mA



300mm X 171 mm X 115mm

Current Drain

~ 20mA@3.7V




(without output cable)

Operating Temperature

-10°C ~ 70°C





273mm x 65mm x 52mm




(12 pushbuttons)


228mm x 65mm x 52mm




( 8 x pushbuttons)


A4008; 530g ( battery included)


Note: Other types of source voltages ore available upon request



A4012 600g (battery included)




Note: Longer cr shorter transmitting ranges are available upon request.