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Visualized Software

This series allows you to set every kind of function combination on software setting display by connecting programmers and radio remote controls via USB interface.

Adjustable PLL RF Module

Both transmitter and receiver are equipped with PLL (Phase Lock Loop) synthesized RF module with 68 sets
of user-selectable RI• channels (narrow band FM) for the transmitter code transmission.

Complete e Auto-Test System

Multi auto-test functions are available, including_: receiver and transmitter low voltage test, warning, auto shutdown, pushbutton breakdown test, main relay breakdown test... etc.

Super Power Saving

Receivers MAIN relay is programmed to drop (open) the "Main Line Disconnect Contact" after several minutes of inactivity- The auto shutdown time can be selected on software setting display. The intermittent data transmitting is designed for power saving purpose, so the fully charged batteries can be used for over consecutive 120 hours
Electromagnetic Induction Charge

The undisclosed metal and sensor type contact of battery charger provides immediate charging simply by placing the transmitter into the charging slot.
Opening the battery cover to chare the battery is not needed. With this design, the transmitter waterproof function and structure strength are increased. The transmitter operating life is also prolonged. Available charging source voltage : 100 ~240 VAC.
Shock Absorbing Rubbers are available for transmitters
The shock absorbing rubbers on the transmitter top and bottom strengthen the shock absorbing ability and frequent dropping.
Waterproof and Durable
The transmitter and receiver enclosures are constructed from high-grade composite materials that resist cracking and deformation commonly occurred from frequent drops and long-term exposure to heat, sunlight and harsh environments. The enclosures are fully sealed and impervious to dust and water,
Frequency Range   :  
Channel Spacing    :  
Hamming Distance    :
Frequency Control   :
Frequency Drift  :  
Frequency Deviation    :  
Sensitivity     :
Antenna Impedance   :
Data Decoder Reference  :
Responding-time    :
 Enclosure Rating   :
Source Voltage   :
Power Consumption    :
Operating Temperature   :
Output Contact Rating   :  
Dimension (604 Models)    :  
(607-608 Models)    :  
 (612 Models)    :  

Weight(604 Models)    :  
(607-608 Models)    :
(612 Models)    :
Receiver unit
433, 447, 480 MHz
Synthesizer (PLL)
< 5ppm @ -20°C ~ +70 °C
 < 1 ppm @ 25°C  
 < - 15dBm
50 ohms
Quartz Crystals
40ms (Normal)  
604/718 DCl2-24V   * AC48  110~240V , 50/60Hz
612 AC25-50V  , 110~240V , 380 -460 V 50/60 Hz

-100C   ~ +700C
250V @ 10A
310 mm x 134mm x 72mm
310mm x 134mm x 72mm
300mm x 230mm x 86mm

1,625g (include output cables  )
2 000g (include output cables  )
3,400g (include output cables  )
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Radio Control Systems – Alpha 600