Quesco CC Print
Prevents side pulling on cranes and hoists
Offers various degrees of adjustment to accommodate different angles
Prevents dragging of loads
Protects rope guide and rope drum and bearings
Easily fitted to any crane or hoist
Reduces down time
Substantial reduction in maintenance costs
As rope guide is protected all limits remain operative  preventing over winding and unwinding of rope
Prevents accidents and ensures much safer  working conditions
Available with timer control panel to allow for isolation of both hoist & long or cross travel  
LM4 high grade aluminum and mild steel
Degreased and pickled to remove scale then phosphated Powder coated and oven cured at 200°C
for 20 minutes to a dry film thickness of 150 microns
Microswitch manufactured to EC specifications up to operating voltage 220v AC
Cranes and hoists are designed for vertical lift only. Side pulling of loads causes damage to the hook block, ropes, sheaves, rope drum and guide, bearings and the general structure. Associated with this is the increased accident potential due to misuse and the potential failure of limit switches and other associated safety items. With the Installation of the Liftco side pulling prevention device the dangerous practice of side pulling of load is eliminated. The crane/hoist can thus lift only vertically, as designed, increasing safety levels on the factory floor and reducing maintenance costs and wasteful down time.
All metal parts zinc plated silver for appearance and protection against rust
A very compact unit normally fitted above the moving range of the bottom block so as not to interfere with the normal height of lift
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Load Limiter