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Load Cell Load Limiter ELLD (Electronic Load Limit Device)

Mechanical Load limiters although reliable have limitations when it comes to overloading and on site calibration is difficult. These limiters do not allow for a time delay should there be an overload or shock load.

The new electronic load limiter we are introducing have numerous benefits.


The  ELLD works in conjunction with a Rope Clamp Load Cell and offers a fully electronic alternative to mechanical load limiters.

(1% +/- 0.1%) accuracy
Simple setting of the maximum load
Ability to adjust the overload percentage between 0% to 20%, (Default Value 5%)
Ability to select a time delay for overload of between 0 to 5 seconds
Straightforward Calibration
Warning Beep and warning light option
No need to ever take the load cell off for re-calibration as the annual inspection and adjustment can be done on site by any service provider that does load testing
Password activated
Connect the Rope clamp Load cell to the dead end of the rope
Connect the load cell wires (4) to the control unit input
Connect output wires to the “up” contactor of the control box for overload
Zero the limiter
Choose your parameters for overload % and time delay and siren on or off
Lift the weight, tell the Saga ELLD what it is reading and then set your overload setting
Installation Load Cell Control with the transformer mounted on a DIN Rail The complete system